lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017

Possible solution of Catalan-Spanish crisis: United States of Europe #USE

Watching current situation (with declared Catalan independence and withdraw seconds later) and foreseen a long unproductive struggle between two governments, worsening the economies of Catalonia and Spain and putting instability in Europe, i envisage a solution.

It's clear two positions are impossible to reconcile, since pro-independence are currently in fire and now knows how to take the streets, whereas Spanish Government cannot accept break up the country since other regions will request too. It's a pure sentimental cultural-national war, my nation against the yours. No economic, no rational arguments, just emotions. My flag against the yours. Because i worth...

We must not use rational arguments to solve the issue, they mock on them. If the target is to avoid the use of violence to solve the problem, then we should play on the same ground: stimulate another emotion. Which could be the emotion that can overcome an irrational nationalism? A BIGGER NATIONALISM.

It's the time for King Philip and President Puigdemont to grasp their hands and jump together to a new blue ocean: UNITED STATES OF EUROPE (USE)  #USE

Do they need mediator? JEAN CLAUDE JUNCKER. Current situation is also a problem for him and Europe. If Spain splits, will be the first of several European countries to be divided making Europe a mess and unfeasible.


People needs to see changes, believe in new flags, perceive modernization and improvements. So propose the biggest one: EUROPE.

Which first points can be handled with the sponsor of Catalan, Spanish and European governments?

1- Creation of single unified electronic ID valid for all tax activities in Europe.
2- Creation of single unified Social Security and  Pension scheme. Those with more years of contribution will have more benefits.
3- Creation of a single Fiscal union scheme for companies and persons. Cannot be that every country has its own corporate tax, vat rules, personal income...
4- Companies that declares more benefits should be the prioritized for public tenders.
5- Due to all saving achieved (by unification escale economies), impose a low fixed 20% personal income tax and 20% Corporate Tax. Artifical Intelligence that replaces people must pay also personal tax.
6- Dismantle all local police, state armies. Replace by a single OTAN army with presence on every major city, and a unified federal police everywhere. Two branches with the needed capillarity. Same databases, procedures, principles for all USE. Never  more struggle between Catalan and Spanish police, or like in Balcans...
7-Public media completely privatized, cannot receive public funds. Never more local TV will fanatize people to fight themselves.
8-Schools will provide parents the ease to shape the education of their children. Never more a Politburo will shape the minds of our sons. Language: it will be defined one single language must known by all USE, that could be English (on the beginning), Speranto or even better Universal Language (on later stages):

  • It will be generated by computers, in order to achieve the fastest learning, compact writing, emotion covering, easiest understanding and pronunciation by all people

9- Limit the number of public employee and waste linking them to GDP ratios
10- Database and servers no need to stay centrally in Brussels or major cities, can be decentralized using cloud or blockchain technology. This way no one will claim against centralization in a specific city. Unification does not mean centralization when using high-tech.
11- Bank union for USE and massive adoption of virtual coin.

UK can be invited, maybe after the changes they will rejoin. The taxes and social contributions will be collected by electronic ID directly to USE decentralized servers, so no need of Catalan Tax Agency, Pacto Fiscal, or countless spanish modelo fiscales. USE will apply an agreed redistribution formula, same per all countries. For example:

  • VAT will be reimbursed to local Governments where the consumption effectively took place, not where the fiscal address were set
  •  50% of Corporate Tax will be reimbursed to the local Governments where the incomings where effectively generated, not where the fiscal address were set
  • Rest is redistributed by formula of solidarity  that will benefit regions with more population, older or younger people,unemployment rate, surface,backwarded infrastructures but with next threshold:
    • won't change the countries ranking order of  GDP
    • won't change the countries ranking order of the public investment per person ratio

These first changes will make people to embrace a new nationalism, the European' based on USE, and forgetting forever their local tribes futile wars. At the end, with all savings achieved thanks to unification and modernization, unemployment will be less than 5% everywhere and life expectancy will grow. People will work because they want, since machines can do for them and pay taxes to cover the basic necessities of the whole population.

lunes, 9 de octubre de 2017

Julian Assange is bribed for backing Catalonia independence

Ultimately @Julianassange has been quite active backing Catalonia independence (or helping Rusia to slightly destroy Europe). He is suposed to live in Equador's embassy in London since 2012.

His twitter account @Julianassange made his first tweet 14-02-2017  after 5 years "dormant". He has written up to now 3163 tweets (all of them after that date). During his first months, he wrote around 10 tweets per day about different topics (US,CIA,Sweden, Equador...).

It has been told on April 2017 that arresting Julian Assange by US is a priority. Suddenly he meet with lobbist for leaving EU Nigel Farange. So he is gathering friends against US and its partner EU. Who could be? Those that wants to slightly destroy EU: Brexit backers and Russia. No Israel as it's know he is antisemite.

If you see the "reborn" twitter's history from Assange, he never mentioned Catalonia nor Spain until 09-09-2017 (his first tweet ended with a fight with Perez-Reverte). Then suddenly started writing around 50 tweets per day exclusively for the Catalan issue!! The kind of tweets he made had deep and documented content, no colloquial comments, so it's impossible he could write on his own.

Summarizing: surely Assange is bribed by Generalitat in order to start massively publishing news backing independence of Catalonia. Generalitat contacted him using:

We open governments // Contact: // PGP: A04C 5E09 ED02 B328 03EB 6116 93ED 732E // Editor: @JulianAssange // Artwork: @WLArtForce

Then he started speaking about a country that he never mentioned, never knew and with an intensity he never performed. Generalitat from Catalonia surely is making the payments via its offshore accounts (since the local are frozen by Spanish Government) to Russia directly (that controls his ID), that uses his Fake-News Departments (with a long history like what was done against US campaigns) to publish massively in the Assange account, since it's impossible a single human being can generate that daily amount of deep and worked tweets. His current work ressembles more to a Community Manager Department collecting news from different sources (provided by Catalan subsidized media), than a single person tweet.

That way is a win-win for the countries that want to weaken US and EU (splitting it in more countries):Russia and China. Assange wins that has more power to deal with US authorities its arrest order raised on February this year, apart of making some money from naive catalans.

It explains also why is Catalan Generalitat so confident in going forward to independence, despite having same referendum results as 9-N 2014 and never reachen the half of votes. Because Generalitat has a strong hidden partner: Russia, and a proxy: Assange.